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The sculpture glows during the day by capturing daylight and refracting it
through the edges, and through eight hundred 2” round cells. This sculpture stands 14 feet in height and 8 feet in width. It glows at night through solar powered LED lighting.
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Art in Community Spaces

Mixed media sculpture
approximate size: 14' x 8' (at it's widest point) x 4’ ;  (40” width of aluminum base)
using florescent glow plexiglass in red and green / aluminum / solar panel light.
This sculpture is a metaphor for bright ideas, based on the metaphor of a light bulb lighting in our brain when an idea comes. This sculpture represents a place where people gather to create and share ideas. The sculpture is made of a special fluorescent glow plexiglass that naturally "glows" during the day from the sunlight (the material captures the sunlight and refracts it out of its edges), and will be lit at night by a solar panel light in the aluminum base. There will be a complimentary red plexiglass panel of light on both sides along the length of the base. The sculpture  glows at night as it morphs in appearance. The Bright Idea  lights up as people come in close proximity of the sculpture (by motion detection), making the sculpture interactive, creating an atmosphere of a community with ideas, inspiring its surrounding, and stregnthening the area’s culture.