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©The Last Supper of Zoe!
Sali is an art collector. His tastes include oil on canvas, mixed media, and interesting people. Laura is an artist. Her interest is self-esteem, her need is money, and her driver is ambition. Caleigh is the artist’s daughter of 14 who only sees the color black. She sleeps in a wooden box that was previously used as a coffin. Zoe is a theatrical writer moved to this old moss covered town from New York City. She writes ephemerals, and she is theatrical. She ascended down to Savannah to allow her husband to take a teaching position at the local arts college. Zoe is naturally a fantastic entertainer, did I mention?  A head of trailing fantastic red hair in natural tight curls punctuates her, and she is layered in light billowing garments that defy gravity. Her tenure in Savannah is coming to an end and she will be moving back to the upper state. Zoe has one last dinner party and we are all invited. Me, the artist as my date, and other guests will be the audience members at this unexpectedly eventful and colorful dinner party. This maniacal event will be the Last Supper of Zoe. be continued.
The Cube
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